This website is about Health, Refugee and People in all walks of life. Having said that, it is our vision and goal to establish and always update our site with new and fresh information about the topic on health and people who are seeking refugee status or seeking refuge from other friendly countries including asylum seekers but not limited to these topics alone. We will also discuss and post general information on related matters to core topic.

We will do our best to provide the best information possible for your guidance in your quest to find refuge in other countries whereby you can also find health care. While we do our best to update and provide timely, best, honest and updates to this website, we do not guarantee that all and any of these information is correct and timely (dates too should be a factor). What you see and read here in our website HTTP://HARPWEB.ORG/ is solely based on our opinion or the writer’s opinion so you need to verify and check the accuracy and validity of all our posted information.

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