There is so much talk about the health conditions and the health issues that these refugees are trying to struggle with.

There is no more worst than the mental health issues that these refugees are enduring because of the trauma of their war rage country is undergoing.

Can you imagine for a minute how 3, 5, 7, or even a 10 years old kids would suffer because of he Scars or War!? The scars of war will remain in their lives forever! These traumatic experiences that these children and people in general will not disappear anytime soon.

There will depression soon if not its there already in these refugees. There is also the mental illness such as anxiety disorders and depression that may lead to chronic mental illnesses that you just cannot really overcome in a simple session with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Suicides and feeling of indifferent to other people and communities as well as other countries and cultures will get into their lives as they see the harsh treatment they have to go through.

These stories of war crimes and these horrendous treatment of youth and children will forever be embedded in their minds. The frustrations of education that are cut short because of war and atrocities will have huge toll on their minds and how they approach in the future.

There is a NYTimes new on these topic which you might be interested to read


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    1. “Refugee Mental Health Needs Could Overwhelm, Experts Fear” by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT

      You can have a look on how this story will tell you too what is really happening in the world of refugees and coping with mental health in the war torn countries of Syria and Libya and the rest of the Middle East and Europe…

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