No one would say that the refugee healthcare as well as help from other countries was enough. And especially healthcare which is paramount to any refugee camp or wherever they would settle in.

It Would Great if You Can Live in a Decent House

It Would Great if You Can Live in a Decent House with decent Refugee HealthCare

While most countries during the beginning of the influx of refugee to Europe was helping out in some shape or form, its now limited if not totally curtailed to gently say it.

There were too many stories to mention on how these migrant people had suffered so much. Its beyond anyone’s comprehension and imagination on how people from war torn countries and cities had suffered. And the help to settle these migrant refugees are only a trickle as countries now are now tightening their borders to would be refugees.

It is not uncommon to see these things happening as countries have their own political and society problem. But if you put the politics of these pressing issue, you can still find some space literally in those countries and from the warm hearts of other people.

The tragedy that hit Syria and the rest of Middle East is really something beyond anyone’s imagination. But all that these people are asking is to help get into some friendlier countries to they can settle there and have some positive outlook in life. Something where they can make a living and grow their children.

One setback to these refugee settlements is the one that is happening in Canada now. The Liberal government in Ottawa has cap the number of incoming refugees for 2016. And with this announcement, come the chaos as private sponsors are now wondering what many they can sponsor to come to Canada for the year 2016. It has sent a mix signal to private sponsors.

To read the full news on this Cap of the number of refugees that can come to Canada, read this from TheStar

Once the Canadian promise of 25,000 refugees are met the government came down with the cap. I hope I am wrong on this. And I hope too that Canada will take in more real migrant seeking asylum or better place to live while their countries are at war.


The other big problem is the border restriction that the EU has imposed on people fleeing war torn Syria and the rest of the Middle East.


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