The EU community is in complete disarray over the refugee crisis that is mounting in Europe.

The member countries cannot agree on the numbers. Germany is also in the midst of trying to solve and request EU members to accept more and to open doors and windows to the influx of refugees.

EU is now in complete divided as to who gets how much or how many refugees to their respective countries.

The Emergency EU summit has not made any progress and has failed to come up with common strategy or policy on dealing with the tidal wave of refugees entering their borders and countries.

Some Highlights!

  • Croatia has express the influx of refugees to the tune of 51,000 migrants and this is really a cause for deep concern as how they will deal with this…
  • UNHCR is very dissapointed at the EU Summit Failure as this can escalate into something of a bigger crisis than it is right now…
  • Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has pointed out the divisions in Europe for the plan on 120,000 refugees which is far from the real numbers now.
  • Hungary expresses the failure of the EU Summit could further widen the problem of migrants coming in every day.
  • The Croatian and Serbian border dispute on fleeing refugees has worsen…
  • The president of the EU Council – Donal Tusk has warned of dire consequences of a Failed EU Summit.

These many mounting problems with the refugee crisis in Europe is really getting divided as the day pass by and there is real concern. Extremism is one of those can arise out of these divisiveness amongst these member countries.

This is a report from CBC …

Divided EU leaders commit another €1B for Syria refugees, but hike border controls

Although this is a good sign that the EU members are contributing to a common goal of containing the influx or tidal wave of refugees to Europe, it remains to seen as how they can agree on how to control their borders.

Profiting Politicians? German journalist claims huge industry behind EU refugee crisis


If this is true.. then it questions the real motives behind how you help refugees fleeing unforgiving governments…






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